Box La Quintessence : Fleur de Scène 2019, Château La Comédie 2019, La Jarousse 2021

82.00  TTC The box

Fleur de Scène 75 cl 2019
Deep ruby color. Very complex nose where notes of ripe fruit, dried figs and spicy notes develop.
The palate is full and fleshy. The attack is sweet, the woody notes appear in the mid-palate. The finish is very greedy with well coated tannins. Wine for laying down.
Your palate will be cheerful by all these aromas and this great finesse.

Château La Comédie 75 cl 2019
Deep ruby ​​red color with purple reflections
Very fruity nose married with an elegant woody note
In the mouth has a very nice maturity, aromas of strawberries jammy with brown sugar.
Your palate will succumb to these aromas
This vintage deserves to be decanted 4 hours before tasting to take advantage of all these aromas.
Can be drunk today and stored for 5 years.

Jarousse 75 cl 2019
White wine with golden reflections. Its nose is very characteristic of the Chardonnay grape aged in barrels.
The first nose is dominated by brioche and cream notes. After opening, the dried fruits such as hazelnuts and toasted almonds mix with white flowers. Very elegant and delicate wine on the palate.
A delight to taste, a nugget to discover.
Can be stored for 5 years

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